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Highly competent founding team: The promoter and management team are a group of well qualified professionals who bring together a unique blend of regional familiarity and substantial microfinance, banking and rural development experience by virtue of their origins and previous jobs.

3P approach: The Company strives to achieve financial sustainability (profits) in a reasonable period of time, with the help of a highly motivated and committed team of employees (people),by offering a slew of customized services (products) to the clients.

4A business principles: Trident adopts different channels and various methodologies for increasing accessibility, and offers products and services keeping in mind affordability for the clients. The Company seeks to be highly accountable to all its stakeholders by promoting transparency and following fair business practices, and proactively encourage new ideas and techniques so as to be adaptable to the changing business environment.

Strong internal controls: Trident strictly follows the policy of ‘zero-tolerance’ to frauds and defaults. Best possible systems and procedures are being designed and implemented to ensure and encourage high levels of business ethics and customer loyalty.

Openness to innovation: Trident aspires to stay at the forefront of industry research and adopt cutting-edge technology in its business. In order to achieve this, R&D activities are being implemented across the Company on a continuous basis right from inception.


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